Acorn Canning Company

Acorn Canning Company specializes in homemade jellies, pickles and soups, just to name a few.

Monica’s pies are to die for.”


Located in Marshfield next door to the Rexhame General Store.

1175 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA 02050

(781) 837-6959

Our hours are as follows: 

Monday thru Friday 11AM – 6PM

Saturday & Sunday 12 – 4PM

Now accepting Visa, Mastercard and AMEX





19 thoughts on “Acorn Canning Company

  1. I’m afraid you’ve ruined me for eating pie from anywhere else (including my own!). Your crust is to die for. Better than my grandmother’s – gasp!

  2. Absolutely the best home made chicken salad I have had anywhere! The pies and Salsa are also fantastic. We are very lucky that Monica decided to open her business in Marshfield…Keep up the great job.

  3. Their pies are to die for! I have blamed them as the reason why I can’t lose weight. I told my doctor it was the “Monica’s/Acorn Pie” affect. Love the apple, peach and of course, my seasonal favorite…sweet potato. On Saturdays, my husband is always bugging me….did you see the “Pie Lady”?

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